Meet Serge. Man of Steel.

About Serge

Serge Rudakov is an award winning stainless steel specialist and recognised for his expertise as a master welder and fabricator.

Coming from Russia, Serge, along with his loving family came to Australia to build a new life – through hard work and dedication, he started a steel business, SRSS. Serge brings discipline learned as a Paratrooper of the Russian Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii) and the craftsmenship from decades of learning and perfecting his craft.

Serge's motto of "there's always a better way" is key to SRSS's mission of making the best stainless steel product. At SRSS, we strive to grow our business by focusing on our customers. We are commited to offering high-quality products and services – our customers success is why we do business every day.

Say hello and meet the family, visit us at our office in Hallam.

How we can help

We are expert stainless steel welders. Our welding services have helped companies with welding projects that require high-quality TIG welding for custom products and design modifications.
Companies use SRSS as their manufacturing partner, to develop and produce high-quality stainless products and components.
Our stainless steel fabrication services has helped companies modify their manufacturing processes to produce products people use everyday to customising industrial machines and equipments to increase capacity and improve workflow.
Product Development
Whether it's a prototype or a product ready for production – we have helped businesses and ambitious people bring their ideas to life. We advise you how best to use stainless steel on your product and offer design and build solutions.
Our stainless steel engineering services helped companies design and build stainless steel solutions from increasing production with modification to existing equipment to working with companies on fit for purpose product design.
Use our stainless steel experience to service and provide ongoing maintainance for your stainless steel requirements.
  • Archibald Honey
  • Quest Pharmaceuticals
  • Yumis
  • Melbourne Museum
  • Semak
  • Hungry Jacks
  • Casey Recreation & Aquatic Centre
  • Centreline Engineering
  • Quest Pharmaceuticals

Let's work together

We've worked on a wide range of projects in different industries. At SRSS, we're always looking for better ways to work and continually improving our processes. We do our best work with companies who share the same values of quality work.

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